Thermal hotels

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Thermal hotels

The popularity of thermal hotels, which remove the everyday stress of city life and provide solutions to physical complaints, is at the heart of health tourism. In addition to the healing of skin diseases, rheumatism and joint pains, thermal hotels also stand out thanks to the quality of their services and offer a peaceful holiday opportunity. Take a look at the opportunities of exclusive thermal hotels offered by

In addition to the curative water, thermal hotels offer many entertainment facilities for guests of all ages. With the child-friendly concept, your children will enjoy the holiday with water slides, water park, miniclub and babysitting services to the fullest. While you use the warm curative water in the spa, you can enjoy entertaining moments with your family through activities for guests of all ages.

Which thermal hotels should you prefer? 

Curative water is a natural abundance and can be found in almost every area of Turkey. This has led to many thermal hotels being founded. In the Aegean area, Afyon and Balıkesir stand out. In the Black Sea area, Çorum, in the Marmara area, Yalova and Bursa are preferred destinations. 

Islamic thermal hotels 

For those who want to spend their holidays according to their lifestyle and in pleasant hotels, Islamic thermal hotels are at the very top of the list. Islamic thermal hotels are preferred for both healing and peaceful holidays. Separate areas and services for ladies and men are offered to make our guests enjoy a pleasant and peaceful holiday. Islamic thermal hotels offer all the privileges and special features that are also found in Islamic hotels. There are separate pools with curative water for men and women. You can also enjoy the curative water with your family in the separate indoor pools.

Thermal hotels offer skilled physiotherapists and emergency healthcare workers are also available in the hotels. 

Spa hotels 

Spa hotels are preferred particularly in spring and in the winter months. The facilities divert natural and subterranean mineral water into pools and thus offer their services in health tourism. Thermal spa hotels also offer alternatives such as spa services accompanied by specialists. The curative water in spa hotels is used for the treatment of many diseases.