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Suaytour, specialist in the area of Islamic vacation

Suaytour has also been offering high-quality services with the slogan 'holiday specialist' in Turkey since 2010. The company Suaytur today cooperates with 1,236 travel agencies and holds the title of Europe's largest travel agency in the industry of alternative tourism. 

Islamic holiday at reasonable prices

The most important criterion when planning your vacation is the combination of comfort and reasonable prices. 'How can I spend a cheap holiday'? To answer this question, you should first and foremost determine the theme and route of your vacation. After answering these questions, you can choose from the safest platform. For the cheapest trip and the cheapest stay, you can watch the date for the early reservation. By evaluating the alternative holiday and transfer options for you and your family, you can reduce the cost of your holiday to the lowest level and enjoy endless holiday relaxation!

At suaytour.com you do not have to pay high prices for spontaneous vacation plans. You can find a holiday with any concept in the last-minute offers. Besides that, you can become a member of e-journal and make a selection of the cheapest vacation options. By your selection which fits your lifestyle you can choose among Islamic hotels and enjoy a holiday at reasonable prices.

Prices for an Islamic holiday

Before making your reservation in a hotel, you should first clarify how you want to spend your vacation. After determining the holiday theme, you can choose from the offered holiday hotels.

For cheap resorts and a cheap holiday, you should primarily determine the holiday season. If you plan your holiday to be in summer, you should evaluate the reservation possibilities already in winter. For a holiday in winter, you should do so already during the summer months. For unplanned holidays suaytour.com also offers last-minute options.

The most beautiful places for an Islamic holiday

With the advantages of suaytour.com, you can travel to the most beautiful holiday destinations in Turkey at reasonable prices. Given a selection of hundreds of hotels with a unique nature setting and breathtaking views, you can spend a holiday according to your wishes and taste local delicacies.

Turkey has been one of the most important destinations and has had the role of being the centre of Eastern and Western civilisations through the Ottoman Empire for 600 years. This is a tourist attraction for Muslims from all over the world. Suaytour.com is a pioneer in Halal tourism in Europe as well as worldwide. Our company offers you a peaceful and pleasant holiday where you can enjoy the sun and the sea on the beaches of the Mediterranean and the Aegean and experience your faith and your values to the fullest.