Frequently asked questions

What is is a world-famous and unrivalled brand that offers its guests a unique holiday according to Islamic standards. Our purpose is to offer our guests a cheap holiday while following the Islamic rules. As Muslims, we are proud to offer quality and alternative holiday opportunities for conservative families.

What is Islamic holiday?

Halal holiday is a new term in the tourism industry and has been designed for those guests who wish to spend a holiday according to the Islamic faith and the Islamic rules. Our hotels and resorts not only offer food and drinks complying with Islamic rules, but also areas such as the spa and health centres have been designed separately for men and women offering special services for families. Some resorts offer beaches specially for women, which are not visible to people outside the resort. Many resorts offer joint beaches for families, which can be used with covered clothing. All facilities have mosques where guests can pray without being disturbed.
 Tours prepared for the discovery of Islamic history and the cultural past of Turkey are ideal for culture lovers. All activities and services are offered in consideration of Islamic and ethical values. All services are offered according to the rules of Allah revealed by the Koran.
Turkey has been one of the most important destinations and has had the role of being the centre of Eastern and Western civilisations through the Ottoman Empire for 600 years. This is a tourist attraction for Muslims from all over the world. is a pioneer in Halal tourism in Europe as well as worldwide. Our company offers you a peaceful and pleasant holiday, where you can enjoy the sun and the sea on the beaches of the Mediterranean and the Aegean and experience your faith and your values to the fullest.

How can you guarantee the high quality of your holiday opportunities?

We only offer our customers high-quality holiday opportunities and strive to ensure that the services offered at reasonable prices cover all your needs. We regularly visit and check the facilities offered to our customers. No alcohol is offered in our facilities and all food and drinks comply with the Islamic rules (Halal). The pools are separate for women and for men. All entertainment activities are for families and are organised from a conservative point of view. Within the facilities you will find mosques and signs for the prayer direction.

Is April a good month for a summer vacation in Turkey?

In Turkey, holidays can be spend in 12 months a year. The summer season generally starts at the end of April. The facilities generally open all outdoor services (swimming pools, beach, etc.) from this date. For this reason, the prices of holiday hotels in April are very cheap. We would like to remind our customers, who use this advantage and make reservations at reasonable prices, that not all the services of the facilities might be available at this time.

How can I use the transfer services for reservations through the website?

The transfer service is provided by airport transfer teams with whom we work together. If you organise your flight ticket yourself, we will forward the necessary flight information to the transfer company you inform us about. Upon arriving at the airport you will be welcomed by the driver of the respective vehicle with a '' sign (in some airports the name may also be mentioned) at the meeting point. You can give the driver your first and last name and introduce yourself. In case of a delay of your flight or any other problems, we would like to ask you to contact us directly.

Although there are many Halal hotels on the Internet, you only offer limited hotels on your website. What is the reason for that?

First and foremost, two different concepts have to be separated. Many hotels refer to themselves as Halal hotels on the Internet. But the only special feature of these hotels is that no alcoholic drinks are offered and that the food and drinks provided are halal products. But as, we aim to do more than that and to make sure that our guests can fully enjoy their holidays according to Islamic standards. We can list this as follows: The hotels offer separate ladies' and men's pools, areas such as the sauna, spa and health centres are separate for ladies and for men. All activities are organised accordingly for conservative families, mosques are available, guests can choose the direction of prayer according to the signs, there is a Koran in the room, etc.